Support the Project

As we were researching for the trip, we came across the idea of “crowdsourcing,” a concept of combining the efforts of “crowds” of people to accomplish a bigger task. If many people contribute a small portion, together they can create a a significant result.  We were intrigued by the idea of somehow involving other people in our own project.  This part of the site is completely optional and we sincerely hope it does not turn any one away from following our blog, but we thought we would open the site up for other people to contribute to the project.  If you believe in what we are doing and feel so inclined to help us out, we would greatly appreciate your support. The money raised will cover our gas, lodging, food, and park entrance costs. Any remaining funds will go directly to a worthy charity.

If you would like to donate to a specific portion of our trip, you can indicate with your donation. We’ve come up with a few suggestions:

Tank of gas: $80
Gallon of gas: $4
Meal for 2: $25
Night at a Campground: $20
Yosemite: $20
Grand Canyon: $25
Carlsbad Caverns: $12

THANK YOU in advance for any support, even if it’s just checking in on our blog every once in a while (and sharing it with your friends)!

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