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  • The Last Stop

    18 states later, we crossed our last state border and took our last state sign photo and were back in North Carolina. To prolong the inevitable return to Charlotte, we decided to stop

  • Music City, USA

    Our last big city stop on the way back to the east coast was none other than the country music capital of the world, Nashville. During the day, we got to walk around the

  • Walkin’ In Memphis

    After a great stay in Oklahoma City we started the stretch back to North Carolina. We had a few hours to detour in Memphis before heading to Nashville and we made the most of

  • Serve Moore, Oklahoma

    We needed a place to stay the night and break up the long, flat drive from Denver, Colorado through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to our next stop in Memphis, Tennessee. The idea to

  • On a Boulder in Boulder

    After exploring a few of the National Parks in Utah and driving through red rocks for what seemed like an eternity, we finally found civilization in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. We got to

  • Life Lessons with Dale & Deena of Pahrump, NV

    We hope that we entertained you to some extent with our Stan vs. Wild video. Although it was frustrating, exhausting, and expensive, looking back we can now laugh at the whole ordeal. If

  • Recovery in Las Vegas

    After the traumatic desert experience in Nevada, we needed a little break to recuperate. Luckily, we had planned on spending the next night with my parents in Las Vegas. As much as

  • Stan vs. Wild

    What you’ve all been waiting for…our first major fiasco. Stranded in the desert. Stan vs. Wild from Chasing Pavements on

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